Tribute To My Beloved Wife

I found her broken. She found me broken. We met and do it (tie our knot together). She get better. I’m still in the dark valley. She is the key to unlock my pandora box. Still unopened. Instead she gave me a new one, two boxes so far. One is called Utsman. Another one is still unknown. She is my beautiful shaman. She killed the devils in me. Even though they keep coming. I’d kill her if she left me. I’d turn this world upside down if she cheated on me. Sorry babe, I’m a worst lover that you could find. But thank you choosing me. I know I’m the choosen one. Just give me enouh time. I’ll build you a castle in the sky. I’ll fly you to the moon. (It’ll never happen love, because I believe the earth is flat, ha ha!).

Salam Curhat Berkhasiat 🙂

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