Prasasti Sebelum Mati

Okay, let’s be honest, be brutal honest. I just wanna have enough money so I can have a freedom to do what I wanna do and be what I wanna be. What keeps coming to my mind are:

  1. My beloved wife stays at home, doesn’t work, and I can take her wherever and whenever she wants.
  2. Follow ustadz Abdullah Hadrami anywhere-anytime and spread his dakwah.
  3. Buy a lot of books and download a lot of files for my library of legacy.
  4. Learn (read, watch, listen) and share it.
  5. Have as many children as possible, send’em to Kuttab and Madrasah Al-Fatih, and help’em independent as fast as they can.

It would be fun when I could say “yuck fou” to money and work.

*Ditulis tanpa persetujuan istri. Abuse of power of a husband, ha ha!

Salam Curhat Berkhasiat 🙂

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