My Past, My Present, My Future, My War

The reason why I made a documentary for my mini-thesis. The reason why I made animations for my thesis. The reason there is a war inside my head. The people that I met. The books/webs/blogs/articles that I read. The podcasts that I listened. The movies/documentaries that I watched. The places that I visited. The dreams that I have. The fears that I feel. The successes that I had. The fails that I had. All shaped me.

Sekarang keputusan besar akan saya buat. Lanjut atau putus. Bersama atau berpisah. Akankah Tuhanku membiarkanku mati dalam keadaan miskin? Akankah orang tuaku membenciku? Akankah keluargaku meninggalkanku? Akankah masyarakat mengucilkanku? Dreams over fears. Freedom over security. Am I crazy enough to be normal? Am I good enough to change the world? My family, my war!

Salam Curhat Berkhasiat 🙂

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