My Family My War Manifesto (Promises to Myself)

I wanna be a muslim motion designer. I wanna be so good at it so I can earn more and work less. I want my wife to stay at home and not worry about money at all. I wanna have a lot of kids as much as possible. I wanna build a huge multimedia library for them. I have big projects for them. I wanna follow ASH anytime and anywhere. I wanna learn Arabic. I wanna read and write a lot. I wanna fight global elite. I wanna change the world. I wanna make my parents proud. I wanna make my family happy.

To do that I need to overcome my fear. I need to beat The Resistance. I need to stay focus and istiqomah. I need to eliminate all addictions and distractions. I need to putting akhirat first and dunya second. I need to be sleep-less. I need to be happy unreasonably. I need to be the brutal-radical-extreme version of myself. I need to forgive myself first.

I don’t wanna sleep regret because I didn’t do what should to do. I don’t wanna die regret because I didn’t reach my full potential. I know what I could do. And I know what I couldn’t do. The knowledge is power. Applying the knowledge is superpower.

The world needs me. My family need me. I need my Lord, the one and only God rightly to be worshipped, Alloh azza wa jalla. I must prove to Him that I can follow the path of Rosululloh Muhammad as well as I can. I must do what it takes to save myself and my family from Hell.

Perfectionism kills. Unperfectly done is always better than perfectly imagined. 0.1 > 0. Khusyu’ is possible. Ikhlas is the only answer. Deep life is the only life worth living. And it’s a life worth fighting. Bismillah, I can.

Salam Curhat Berkhasiat 🙂

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