A Letter From My Future-Self As A Muslim Full-Time Freelancer Motion Designer Working From Home

The hardest part was sitting and doing Ae/Ps/Ai/Pr/Vs.

The best part was I made my dreams came true through motion design.

My dreams are:

  1. Khusyuk.
  2. Devoted son.
  3. Mulazamah.
  4. Seven children.
  5. Full-time mother at home.
  6. Learn and write more.
  7. Ahmad’s library.

Everything is impossible until I’m success. I’m success when I’m doing the hardest part seven days a week. I win when I outwork The Resistance everyday. I can mograph everyday because I can write everyday. It’s proven.

Of course I was fear. I was terrified. My pasts still haunting me. I was doing busyness. My dreams analysis paralyzed me. That was my reality. But somehow I managed myself to got through it all. Just keep doa-ing. Just keep time blocking + timeboxing + OKR-ing. And be so good the world can’t ignore me.

Sawojajar, 11 Jumadil Akhiroh 1442 / 24 Januari 2021

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