Entering The Unknown

Insya Alloh besok bisnis saya yang terbaru (dan yang pertama) akan launching. Sengaja besok biar bebarengan dengan momen Gerakan 30 September PKI. Juga biar ganteng tanggalnya 30S2020, hehehe. Bisnisnya bernama AHMAD.BIZ.ID; an one man animation studio, spesialized in motion graphic (and maybe in whiteboard animation too). Ini adalah kendaraan kreativitas dan ego saya. I wanna be a boss of my own life. I wanna have a power so I can NOT to work when I don’t want to. It feels a bit nostalgic. Since I left the design world in 2011. And from tomorrow it will become a part of my identity: a muslim motion graphics designer/artist.

Salam Curhat Berkhasiat 🙂

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