AJATT’s Quotes (Updating)

From www.alljapaneseallthetime.com/blog/archives/

I spent 18 months learning Japanese hardcore (still learning it softcore now that I live in Japan).

There are many SRS around and many are free. The one I recommend to most people is Mnemosyne. I use it myself. 

Learn to read aloud 10,000 Japanese sentences.

Do not: learn individual words. Learn sentences.

Do not: translate sentences. Understand them instead.

Do not: learn grammar rules. Do get a feel for grammar, do read about grammar if you feel like it, but learning grammar rules in order to use a language is like learning quantum physics in order to drive a car. Sure, grammar rules are the rules of a language like quantum physics is the rules of the physical world. But it’s not practical.

Imperfect finish > perfect imagined

Salam Curhat Berkhasiat 🙂

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